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Electrification & Digitalization


Engineering Services for a Global Clientbase

Potential is a sustainability engineering company that delivers solutions for the digitalization of power systems to increase operational efficiency, reliability and profitability.

Our services include electrical system studies, electric traction systems design and modelling, ETAP Real-Time integration and much more.

Let us help you create and run studies on a digital twin of your electrical power systems.


ETAP Digital Twin Modelling & Design Studies

Load Flow Studies
Short Circuit Studies
Harmonic Analysis
Protection Coordination Studies
Arc Flash Studies
ETAP eTraX Modelling and Studies
DataX Conversion to ETAP


As ETAP's certified system integrator in Canada, we provide real-time solutions that connect existing data acquisition (SCADA) systems to electrical digital twins of power systems modelled in ETAP.

ETAP Real-Time™ allows operators to have seamless access to online information from the field, allowing the conduction of predictive analyses, load flow studies, short circuit studies in real-time.

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ETAP DESIGN STUDIES & Digital twin modelling

We create detailed electrical system models incorporating design specifications, field data, standards and regulations to enable dynamic electrical studies.

ETRAX design & ModelLing

We use ETAP eTraX to design, model, and analyze electrical traction power systems with trains or trucks.

Sustainability Feasability STudies

Using a multidisciplinary approach we can help you explore the possibility of electrification or hybridization. Contact us for more information.

etap real-time Integration

As a certified ETAP system integrator, we provide solutions that tie your existing data acquisition (SCADA) system and add predictive simulation for load flow and short circuit real time data.

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