Why is now a good time?

Price of solar technology has plateaued after an exponential decrease

The cost of solar panels has dropped by over 82% and their efficiency has increased by 26% since 2010. In that same time inverter technology has improved significantly, enabling systems to become more shade tolerant, efficient and reliable. Read more!

graph showing how solar panels have reduced in cost by 82% since 2010

Lock in your electricity rates by minimizing your energy and delivery charges

Your bill is usually comprised of 25% energy charges and 50% delivery charges (transmission and distribution). Read more here. Going solar reduces both of these charges, allowing you to 'lock in' your energy costs for the duration of the system lifetime.

donut graph showing how alberta electricity bill works, where 51% of your bill is due to delivery charges

There are multiple incentive programs and financing options available!

There are multiple options from Federal and Provincial loans that makes going solar today a no brainer! 

Greener Homes Initiative

Solar increases the value of your home

Solar is also a desirable home upgrade that more and more buyers are looking for and there is plenty of evidence suggesting that installing a solar system increases the value of a home. According to research conducted in the USA across thousands of home purchases, going solar increases the value of an average home by about 3-4%. Read more about it here.

So what makes a home good for Solar?

The single most important factor is your roof geometry and orientation. We love big, featureless, rectangular south(ish) facing roof faces, but west facing or east facing roof faces will often work too. If you have a good face but it’s covered with vents, we can often work with that by moving a few. Our modelling software takes hundreds of finely-tuned factors into account in the design and modelling process - reach out to us to get a free custom quote detailing the best possible solar system for your roof.

Key stages in installing a solar system

1. Design Stage: Following a conversation with you, our engineers use your consumption data, satellite and/or drone imagery, a site visit and our modelling software to create a custom solar system that meets your objectives.

2. Planning Stage: We sign a service agreement that outlines what you can expect from us, after which we sort out permits needed for the installation as well as order all the components for your system! We make sure our installation crew has all the details needed for the day.

3. Installation Stage!
Our crew installs your system to the highest standards for quality and safety. All you need to provide is access to your roof, attic and electrical panel.

4. Commissioning Stage: We coordinate an inspection from the wire provider and bi-directional meter installation after which your system is activated and begins its 25+ years of service!