Transforming Calgary into a Solar-Powered City


The time is now.

There has never been a better time to invest in Solar. Electricity rates are high and set to increase, multiple incentives are available and the financials are solid.

Let us show you.

Solar Explained

Harvest sunlight; save money doing it. That's solar in a nutshell.

Solar 101

Will I need batteries? Can the system handle snow? What are microinverters? Get answers for all these!

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Calgary Barlow trail solar farm being built in 2022
Why Now?

From solar prices going down to federal incentives, now is a good time to go solar.

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potential solar building a solar system on a roof in Calgary home
Our Projects

Learn more about why we are a great company to start your solar journey with, and see our projects!

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Why choose us as your solar installers?

We install custom systems across Calgary and surrounding areas

Our solar systems are custom designed fit to your objectives, whether they're financial, sustainability-based or reliability-based. Shoot us an email and we'll meet with you to explore what solar could look like for your home. No commitments, just a friendly conversation!

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Interested in solar for your home?

Contact us for more information and we will start you on your solar journey.

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